After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

A Lovely Work of Heart
(for Catherine Searle)

When I’m anxious
When I’m blue
When I’m scattered
or in tatters
What to do?
I turn to you!

So lucky to have you as my friend
You never scold me or pretend
Your always there to lift me up
when times are dark
when times are rough

You lend an ear when I’m in fear
You cheer me on in my endeavors
Share my laughter and my tears
and when I’m lonely, make it better

If time and distance separate us
in my heart, I’ll always be
so very thankful for our friendship
all your love, your love, for me

To you, I owe so much
Just how would I survive
all the heartache and the strife
without you there in my life

I’ll love you always and forever
A better friend could not exist
Sincerely, from my heart
from my soul, I‘ll just say this:

Thank you for your friendship
Thank you from my heart
I thank God that he created
Such a lovely work of art