After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

One More Day

A face I don’t recognize
In the mirror
Staring back at me
Each morning
Each day

As I trim my beard
Mostly silver, mostly grey
Another day goes by
And I say
Thank you

Thank you for my sleep
Deep and restful
The watch you keep
The dark and quiet room
Where you’ve prepared me
For another day

Thank you for your mercy
Your embrace
Your loving son
And all his grace

One such as I
With all my faults
And much disgrace
In the end, to be counted
Among the saints

I humbly ask
That on this day
You guide my thoughts
You hear me pray
That this old man
Not fade away
But walk in faith

I thank you Lord for this chance
To do things right
Not happenstance
A chance I pray
A chance to say
I’m blessed again
with one more day …