After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

The Breeze

I sit in my breezeway
overlooking the pond
God staring just at me
as He waves His magic wand

I see fish and some tadpoles
I see geese, a lonely crane
I see deer and some ducks
I see trees, it starts to rain

I see clouds in the distance
the sun peeking out
This sight is just for me
At this moment, there’s no doubt

The fountain in the middle
rises-up just like a geyser
To say there is no god
left to men, who’s none the wiser

Behind the grove, I hear a train
It keeps rolling down the track
It always makes me wonder
where it’s been and why its back

My neighbors, they’re all sleeping
in this early morning hour
Another morning coffee
As I witness all His power

As I go and leave behind
all this wonder then He greets me
The day turns bright and sunny
This is God and how he treats me.