After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

In Time

Time for remembrance
Time for elation
Time for forgiveness
and great exaltation
No time to journey
into the depths,
for I have awakened

Forty years since then
Now delighting in my old friends
My thoughts of them, often
Here again, at last,
and me, without a coffin

Like kids with allowance,
we run, jump
into each other’s arms
We grin, we laugh, as in the past
On weekends
we’re destined to have a blast

No sorrow, no pain
for I am now as I was then
To know that I was not abandoned
by time or distance or fork or bend
Alone and lonely, never again
Never again, a true godsend

Without a father, without a mother
You lift me up unlike no other
On our own in unison
we carry on just like we’re brothers
To know you now
to have known you then
My greatest joy is you, old friend

Fortunate to have come together
no matter what we all have weathered
Your story, mine, they’re meshed together
As one, we share our life’s endeavors
The joy, the laughter, not on our own
So let us travel, but not alone

To know that we’ve been friends forever
To cherish you without pretense
You thrill me like the best friend ever
Without you, joy is just past tense

But now you all stand before me
You cheer me on and don’t ignore me
The future holds a joyous end
Until that end, you’ll be my friend.