After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

Things I know about my dad.

He went to work at 6 every morning. He came home about 3:30. He took a nap. His waist size was incomprehensible to me. He was handsome. He was tall. He was kind. He was angry when he didn’t understand.

He drove me to all my things. He rooted for me in my endeavors. He cheered when I did well and when I just tried my best.

He let me know I was important. He never had to say “I love you” for it was so apparent.

He became kind and gentle over time and I loved his laugh and his smile. He included me and showed me so many things. How to fish. How to roof the house, how to fix the car. How to tear a dishwasher apart and not figure out how to fix it, for months.

He showed me how to treat a woman, though, at times, he would be angry and vent. I didn’t understand the pressure that the world put on each and every man. He taught me to love another above all.

He delighted in my being and made me feel worthwhile.

He left a Payday candy bar in his lunch box for me every Friday but never mentioned it. It was a thought, an action, a confirmation, a gift that I miss and I cherish.

He showed me a way to live which I abandoned that I now want to emulate.

He helped with my homework and my fears. He once said that you can’t go around beating up assholes, there are just too many of them, which taught me tolerance.

He was the most wonderful friend that I never knew. He was my hero and he is the man I wish I could be.