After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges


people with big hearts
people with real smarts
people with lots of cash
people, like white trash

people with no money
people who stay hungry
people who run scared
people who are impaired

people with no father
people who don’t bother
people that wonder why
people who don’t cry

people that get along
people who don’t belong
people who stand strong
people who do wrong

people of another color
people out in the cold
people without a cover
people bought and sold

people who do harm
people that strong-arm
people without a conscience
people full of nonsense

people who have to eat
people who walk the beat
people we vote to seat
people all in the street

people who get around
people all over town
people without a sound
people we’d like to pound

people with no retreat
people we’d like to meet
people that they’ll defeat
people so called the heat

people with no self-worth
people who hit the dirt
people with no understanding
people here, just demanding

people incapable of love
people unacceptable to gov
people with one white glove
people we’re afraid of

people getting shot
people throwing stones
people on the streets
people who don’t know

people with a gun
people on the run
people with a view
People… nothing new