After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

City Style

A little ditty, a ditty-do
about a day in the city
The city, it’s style
how it used to be
what we used to do
the things we knew
our point of view
and when going to work
was red, white, and blue.

Men with brimmed hats,
a suit, a starched shirt
buttoned to the top
with tie to match
a Timex watch, a pin or a tack
polished shoes and matching slack
an overcoat, a blend or wool,
half or full and made to fit
don’t forget the matching grip
looking good, just the times?
The times we lived before the slip!

Women, thinner
in suits; not slacks
but in skirts to match
a cashmere sweater, even better
heels, a matching purse, perhaps a Coach
they wore make-up, a do, a pin or broach
and a hint of Channel Number Five.
They left the elevator and the stares,
their charm and essence left behind
for those whose eyes that they would capture
and compliments of those enraptured.

Been a while, such city style.