After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

I Just Do

Why do I need?
It’s not admired
I wish I were an island
like some of you
Yet, so acquired…

I need you
To talk to
To walk with
To spend an afternoon
Such am I

Hours, too many, spent alone
All right for some, but not me
To need, a crime
just to ask for time
I need, I just do

I curse myself for wanting
Am I so weak to need?

In this world, alone
I reach out
A weakness I have
A meekness
A curse

I realize a friend is not forever
A shame
loyal and true
doesn’t matter to some
why me?

I need, I just do
I would stop
but I cannot
To stop, to thine own self
would be untrue

I need, I just do