After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

Until That Day

She would have been heartbroken
if she was still around
to see what has become
of this life I have begun

Alone in my space
and in my head
Her troubled mind
would reach and say
Honey, please!
just come to bed

Too long coming
Too late to say
I love you
just one more time

She waits until,
‘till she’ll be mine
and me, hers to see
and love so

The end of time
approaches the unreal
when heaven opens
and once again
she is here, completely

Until that day,
softly, she touches my soul
with her arms and her eyes
and comforts me, delicately,
from beyond this world

That day may come
that day, surreal
but knowing that one life
our Life, perhaps a dream
will be the same
and never end