After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges


No reason
So often
an illusion
A season
of forgotten promises

not kept
Words repeating
Said without meaning
Fleeting expectations of truth
Just teasin’
for no apparent reason

A change
in courtesy
Common decency
no longer a trait
Just words spoken
Just dribble, just bait

“Oh yeah,
Let’s get together
I’ll call you tomorrow
We’ll go to the show
I’ll see you on Sunday
We’ll have a blast”

I wait, then wait
for consummation
Never straight
The words
The lies
Just deception

An epidemic
A new social disease
Expectations created
with absence and ease
No thought of the other
Nobody to please
A selfish endeavor
for them but not me

My word, my bond
My words to you
to demonstrate
To honor these
and not forsake
Just as hard to ever break

A promise made should always be
enough for you to make it be
The present time will not concede
to not, a liar, a traitor ye
You build me up then let it be
I wait and wait, just wait to see

Then, nothing.