After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

The Actor

You don’t know me
You might think you do
I sing and dance across the screen
for everybody’s view

I play the part
sometimes the hero
I get the girl
then fade into the sunset

I’m charming
gracious, eloquent
whenever it suits you

I’m confident
A real go-getter
Just a son of a gun
having fun and laughing

The world is my stage
you, my audience
A one-man show
as I spin a tale

A tale of splendor
A tale of triumph
of satisfaction
with lots of action

A tale
projected on a screen
In color, bigger than life
I’m always on the beam

I always play the part
You write the script
You are the directors
I’m just an actor

In my trailer, I take off my makeup
my costume, my toupee
I look again in the mirror
and there’s hardly a reflection.