After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

A Little Prayer

When your down and troubled
When the weight is heavier than you can take
When your mind is tortured and your heart is heavy
Say a little prayer

It doesn’t matter if your prayer’s unanswered
Take the action
Say it aloud and say it often
You might just find, the act is awesome

If no one hears, it doesn’t matter
As you have set the ball in action
Recognized the need for guidance
Allowed for God and satisfaction

Even though, you feel the same
A day will come when all the rain
Will all dry up, and all the pain
Will disappear and seem in vane

You’ll start to wonder
Though it took some time
If God has helped you
be just fine

There’s time you need to be all right
Time you need to quell the fight
Just let go with all your might
and say a little prayer.