After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

Last Leg

Careened no longer – afloat
my mind adrift
an ocean of thought
a shakedown cruise
with no room to swing a cat

a run, a voyage
a dead reckoning course
of faith and fear
almost drowning
in a sea of unknowingness

all squared away
at last exploring
the horizon wide
the past, my wake
great care, no crew
no trimmer I’ll take

last leg – I’ll make it a good one
from captains and comrades
I’ve learned the ropes
my rigging is sturdy
my bearing is straight
my life, my compass
my map, my fate

rough weather
no stranger to me
survived the great storms
on all the high seas

this one’s a doozy
my ship, it could break
from stem and to stern
the old man is awake

tossed and turned
barely escape
the wrath and the churn
of God’s might

terrifying calm
the crisp night air
my resolve out of trim
me and my boat
swaying with sea and with wind
leave me with worry, relief
and some gin

harbor sighting
a ship’s bell ringing
refuge at last, a port
or so seeming

the anchor lights
in good shape, redeeming
not one but two
soon will be gleaming

leagues of time and distance traveled
the journey soon comes to an end
my boat, a wreck, me much the same
nevertheless, I’ll state my claim…

the voyage is worthy
your boat, just the same
Avast ye young mateys
be sure you are so
for life can get stormy
this salty dog knows

great waves,
hard rain,
strong winds may blow.