After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

I Fall in Holes.

When you think you cannot bear any more
When you think it’s just too rough
Remember the times that you were there
Now you’re here, though times were tough

The road in life is filled with holes
We fall in, some wide and deep
Some take a while to climb out of
We’re strong but oh so weak

We scratch and claw and sometimes fall
We start again to climb the wall
although its long and steep
Remember that we fell before
We wept then crawled then leaped

Sometimes we just can’t do it all
and seek out a friend for help
They pull us up out of the hole
as we cry and sigh and yelp

When times are rough the thing to do
Is calm yourself and then
Reach out to one you trust the most
someone you call a friend

If you look up and, seemingly,
there is no friend in sight
Remember what a friend we have,
his power and his might

He’s with you everywhere you go
He’s right there with you in the hole
to offer a leg-up
He died for you, and loves you so,
He’ll help you get unstuck

When you get out and you’re on your way
be thankful that you did
Remember what he’s done for you
until you fall again . . .