After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

Just Enough

A friend misunderstands
Your car, it won’t turnover
Your rent is due again
‘bout to think that it’s all over
Then, on a rainy day
A bill you didn’t pay
The sink begins to leak
And your back begins to ache
Your tired and you think
That you deserve a little break
You pray and say amen
Then it starts all up again

Acceptance is the key
It’s all a part of life
The good and all the bad
All the joy and all the strife
Acceptance is the key
The key to all the rest
To let you feel all right
And to give it all your best

The sun begins to shine
And the birds begin to sing
You wonder ‘bout a friend
And the phone begins to ring
He asks you how you are
And you answer things are fine
Cause you know it’s so much better
Than self-pity and a whine

As your days go on forever
As the crap just piles up
Just remember that he loves you
And that, my friend, is just enough.