After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges


The relief I have prayed for
More than a reprieve
A cancellation of my sins
To awaken anew
To look in the mirror
and comprehend a miracle

Who am I
I ask?
The answer narrow, clear
I am you
You are me
We walk together

Through forests scary,
over mountains high,
rough terrain
and cloudy skies
We walk the path
of human frailty

As we walk this path
and pace ourselves
we share challenges, heartaches
and triumphs
In all these things we are the same
The world, one great alliance

You are me and I am you
We forget our sorrow,
we forget our pain,
our human error
It’s all the same
We forget at our own peril

Don’t forget!
We all have stumbled
We have prices we have paid for
To reach out and lend a helping hand;
a kindness shown our fellow man
is just what God is there for.