After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges


As I walk the straight and narrow
I’m reminded of a time
When the path was not so straight
It was crooked, it was bent
It was twisted out of shape

That path is now behind me
I wouldn’t have taken it if I knew
that regrets, remorse would find me
when I’m walking straight and true

If I could go back
I would have taken another fork
I would have paid attention to the warnings
Corked the bottle I uncorked

But now I am redeemed
by the blood of Jesus Christ
All his grace, all his glory
His forgiveness and his price

All my faults
I give them now
to the God of my own choice
Despite the path that I have taken
finally, now, I can rejoice

I trust in him and him alone
He loves and guides me where I roam
He forgives me for my many sins,
and all my thoughts and might-of-beens.