After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

If I Could Write a Love Song

If I could only write a love song
I’d start with a starry night
I would write about the moon
and your face there in the light
I would write about your smile
the way you hold me oh so tight
all the little things you do
and the things you do just right

If I could write a love song
It would surely hit the charts
I’d tell you ’bout your beauty
all your grace and all your smarts
The way you bite your lip
when you think of something new
The way you hold my hand
and your eyes, so baby blue

If I could write a love song
I would sing it to the world
tell everyone I love you
and that your my only girl
I’ll never leave you lonely
I’ll never make you blue
You make me so darn happy
It’s the least that I can do

If I could write a love song
I’d whisper in your ear
all the nothings I could think of
and I’d make it very clear
You’re my one and only
I want you for all time
I might write it when I think of
all the words and all the rhymes.