After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

It Doesn’t Matter

I tried to write a love song
But now, it doesn’t matter
All the love you gave me
Today, is all but shattered

When love beckoned
I answered
We became like one
and the sun shined

For us there was no other
We danced all night
Slept all day
Felt the waves of passion

Under a starlit sky
In love
You and I
Sharing secrets

Our minds melded
But in time
Something more than I
Is what you needed

Just then, A lie
An unanswered sigh
A sad goodbye
Then, you turned to walk away

As I reached for you
You slowly faded out of sight
There I stood, helpless
As my heart flooded

My love song faded
Into the horizon
Where you turned
To look one more time

And now, it doesn’t matter