After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

The Love we Seek

They say fools rush in
where Angels fear to tread
Yet every song expresses love
a longing or a heartache
attempts to salvage anothers heart
or to love one who is just out of reach

Is love not real?
Is it a fairy tale?
Is it unattainable?
Or a gale force wind
that knocks you down,
picks you up, then
carries you on your way?

Love, joyous
and blues to depths which ruin
A foolish endeavor?
Only for those who are,
for the moment, incapable
but try anyway

Such a mystery
Such is our condition
A rendition repeated
over and over for some

An intricate weave
Threads of emotion
running through
the fabric of our lives
A tapestry of the heart
A yearning of mind, body
and our souls

Could it be that the love we seek
Is not the one for whom we reach
but the breath of life given us
at our start

A love we seek
that all along is with us
offering love without limits
for those who recognize
the gift and the offering
so that we can live, and love

Is it enough?
We must trust and give ourselves to him
to do with us what he will
and to represent him with our love
of others and to that special one
that only he can give

Love becomes, at last, no mystery.