After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

The Extraordinary

Some are blatantly, obviously extraordinary. Others never realize; realize that they are just as or more. A pity. What becomes of these extraordinary men (and women), their extraordinary lives and influence?

Over lifetimes of ordinary defeat and disappointment, they sometimes break or fade, not realizing that their defeats and lumbering are, in fact, the extraordinary and amongst their greatest assets.

Beauty evolving. Suddenly, becoming our strength! My wish is that you break, break and experience depths of extraordinary muster and courage within.

To all, we must show kindness, love, devotion, and care lest we be ordinary. We must glory in our extraordinary lineage, whose power is boundless and extraordinary beyond what we can now or ever comprehend.

You are, perhaps, the most extraordinary of all. Exalt in your being as you are a child and as a child, your potential is ever-evolving and has no bound.

Though you are old and have just discovered your purpose and power, God will give you time to recognize your influence and love; your ability to contribute greatly to his unfolding creation which, at the very least, is another of his children.