After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

White Light

Out of nowhere
like a dream she came
to brighten my darkness
a white light in the distance
drawing nearer to me
as she approaches
I am nervous and coy
like a ship, she sets course for my heart

to rescue me from my loneliness
my isolation
my madness
to make sense of my world and my waiting
I have been waiting
to make sense of this wasted life
this unmanageable time spent lifting a weight
too heavy just for one

to replace the joy, I once knew
to awaken me gently
with her heart and soul
to caress my face
touch my shoulder
to let me know
I am loved and allow me to know peace
and to finally understand

she is a white light
she is a brightness
who leads the way to my destiny
some are not meant to live alone
some are not complete without
the love of their God-given companion
she will lift me to a higher place
where I can function and become a better man

I will know love
this wilted flower
will awaken and grow toward her light
the moisture of her kiss will revive me
a day in the sun will be mine
and the glory of God’s glow and warmth
will be ours tomorrow
and forever