After Thoughts
The Poetry of J. Hodges

Without a doubt

Where does love go?
Why does it wane?
Why does it hurt so?

Like a candle burning, shimmering
our hearts were full and bright
Now snuffed out, just the darkness
and the light’s nowhere in sight

Forever is such a long time
Fires just burn-out
When we said I’ll always love you
it was said without a doubt

Now we’re both so lonesome
Was it worth it, all the pain,
to take the chance on love, well
nothing ventured, nothing gained

To have loved and lost
To have taken such a chance
To allow our hearts, now broken
for the chance at true romance

Was it worth it? There’s no doubt
As we go our separate ways
Was it worth it? There’s no doubt
and that’s all I have to say.