of Gratitude


But for the grace

But for the grace A thin man walking, aloneeach step, prouda steady pacea determined expressionshoulders backa smile on his face. He meets a stranger along the waypleasantries exchangeda howdy-doa chat about the weathera sturdy handshakeand

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A Christmas Toast

A Christmas Toast To my family and my friendsIt’s Christmas time againAnother year is overand just around the benda longer year than mostwe all wished that it would endI hope we never seeA twenty-twenty here

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Ambling Man

Ambling Man As I sit and meditatesoft music and nature soundsfilling my head As I contemplate my journeyI realize that I have walked a crooked pathA path with many turns, winding Forks that I have

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A Lovely Work of Heart

A Lovely Work of Heart(for Catherine Searle) When I’m anxiousWhen I’m blueWhen I’m scatteredor in tattersWhat to do?I turn to you! So lucky to have you as my friendYou never scold me or pretendYour always

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No Wonder

No Wonder Woke up this morningGot up at sixDrank me some coffee ShavedTook a showerPut on some fresh clothesThen had some more coffee Went outsideA beautiful brisk morningAnd I breathed Breathed in the fresh airSmoked

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The Man in The Mirror

The Man in the Mirror The mirror is kind. As I look, stare, examine the face looking back, it’s less me, and more someone else. Someone lovely and deserved of admiration, who lived a life

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Half Full

Half Full In the dark, in my chairthe sound of silencesplits the night Paul and Art forgotten friendsplay hauntinglysoftly sing to meon this cold thanksgiving night holiday spreada pot pie, apple saucewell… it’s fineI dine

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The Breeze

The Breeze I sit in my breezewayoverlooking the pondGod staring just at meas He waves His magic wand I see fish and some tadpolesI see geese, a lonely craneI see deer and some ducksI see

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Another Start

Another Start As I wakefrom a dreamPut my feeton the floorTo the kitchenI walkfor my coffeeonce more I look aroundLight a smokeWipe my eyesTake a tokeHear the quietof the mornThanking Godthat I awoke In the

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One More Day

One More Day A face I don’t recognizeIn the mirrorStaring back at meEach morningEach day As I trim my beardMostly silver, mostly greyAnother day goes byAnd I sayThank you Thank you for my sleepDeep and

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A Tiny Drop

A Tiny Drop A single drop of rainThis sunny dayOn my shoulder Did lay I noticed and wonderedWhere it came fromfrom where and why did it come Quenched thoroughly for a momentAs I absorbed its

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of Gratitude

One More Day

One More Day

A face I don’t recognize
In the mirror
Staring back at me
Each morning
Each day

As I trim my beard
Mostly silver, mostly grey
Another day goes by
And I say
Thank you

Thank you for my sleep
Deep and restful
The watch you keep
The dark and quiet room
Where you’ve prepared me
For another day

Thank you for your mercy
Your embrace
Your loving son
And all his grace

One such as I
With all my faults
And much disgrace
In the end, to be counted
Among the saints

I humbly ask
That on this day
You guide my thoughts
You hear me pray
That this old man
Not fade away
But walk in faith

I thank you Lord for this chance
To do things right
Not happenstance
A chance I pray
A chance to say
I’m blessed again
with one more day …


of Humility and Change

The Cure

The Cure

A touch of depression?
A lot of self-pity?
So overwhelmed
and feeling real shitty?

Not working out
as you have imagined?
Creeping self-doubt
and little compassion?

What about me?
you say in your head
as you lie all curled up
in your over-sized bed

You have it all wrong
and it’s a real pity
you’re so self-absorbed
with your head’s own committee

Every things wrong
and you just want to blame
everyone else
for your suffering and pain

then you talk with a friend
and get some advice
not very much
just enough to suffice

he points out to you
that you have it all wrong
that the thing you should do
is stop singing that song

reach out your hand
and offer another
the help only you
can offer a brother

put someone first
instead of yourself
then you may realize
it’s good for your heath

reach out your hand
to help a poor brother
then you will find
you just may recover

Get out of your head!
Get out of your mind!
Be useful and loving
and ever so kind

If you can do this
there’s some guarantee
your worries will fade
and happy you’ll be!


of Gratitude

A Tiny Drop

A Tiny Drop

A single drop of rain
This sunny day
On my shoulder
Did lay

I noticed and wondered
Where it came from
from where and why did it come

Quenched thoroughly for a moment
As I absorbed its intent
It’s power
It’s wonder and mystery

Giving me life and hope anew
A blessing as I was wilting
Again, just in time
Did His loving power
Reveal itself to me

In a tiny drop